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Perhaps, the most feminine version of the bridal outfit is a fishtail wedding dress. The refinement of bridal look is a combination of tight-fitting skirt extending downwards and imitating a mermaid tail and bare shoulders and arms. In short, this wedding dress looks sexy and elegant making the bride a real Hollywood movie star or a brilliant fine lady. Of course, such a bride will attract hundreds of admiring glances and will be able to get maximum pleasure from the wedding celebration.

Nowadays, a mermaid wedding dress which our bridal shop offers to buy can be decorated in numerous ways. By the way, previously the dresses in this style featured a plunging neckline bodice. However, the modern fishtail wedding dress options boggle the imagination with a variety of solutions used to delineate silhouette. Chaste necklines, straps, sleeves, lightweight wraps, and long and short trains. All these details contribute to the popularity of these wedding dresses among charming brides. Such a wedding dress design will perfectly suit tall, slender girls who can boast of the seductive figure. The fishtail wedding dress is the best option to create a flirtatious and even provocative wedding look! Besides, the harmonious compatibility with fur coats and boleros which are especially important for the cold season also counts in favour of this dress style choice.

A lace mermaid wedding dress looks completely amazing. It is no secret that the use of lace makes the bride’s appearance tender and touching, and it is so significant on the wedding day. Lace wedding dress is very luxurious and elegant. A lace fishtail wedding dress clings closely to the body and creates a romantic and at the same time incredibly sexy bridal look. Lace, whether it is white or ivory one adds zest and lacking the touch of mystery to a wedding dress.

If you are the owner of a slim figure and love to attract all eyes, then a mermaid bridal gown is your ideal choice. You can find the most wonderful wedding dresses of this silhouette in our photo gallery. Look through the catalog, consult with our experts, and make a fitting appointment. In our bridal shop, customer-friendly attitude, individual approach, and of course an ethereally beautiful made to measure mermaid wedding dress are waiting for you.

Lace fishtail wedding dress


Lace A-line wedding dress

No matter how wedding fashion changes since A-line wedding dress is always among the favourites in the bridal gown collections of the famous designers. The girls are so fond of this dress style because it is suitable for the brides with all types of figures. Most often, A-line wedding dress has an open neckline, shoulders, and arms. However, if desired, it is possible to find a one shoulder wedding dress and a bridal gown with straps or with short/long sleeves. There can be wide or spaghetti straps. The sleeves are usually made of elastic lace. Besides, a traditional A-line wedding dress has a trapezoidal skirt. Different decoration options may include flounces, frills, train, etc. The most important thing is to preserve the original silhouette. To keep A-line shape, it is better to wear a petticoat, although many A-line dresses look great even without it. The classic A-line bridal gown is a floor-length dress. However, you can also buy a shorter wedding dress.

Among the variety of A-line bridal gowns, the lace dresses are especially fascinating. Delicate lace perfectly combines with a smooth cut of the A-line wedding dress, while ivory or white colour of the lace emphasises the elegance of the bride’s figure adding it femininity and sensuality. Indeed, in such a lace wedding dress, the princesses walk down the aisle in the beautiful Hollywood movies. So, why not to choose A-line gown silhouette for your own celebration?

Ingrida Bridal is a wedding salon which takes care of every detail related to the creation of a bridal look. It is possible due to a full range of high-quality services which we provide. Our London-based bridal shop is ready to offer the girls who are going to get married a wide spectrum of wonderful bespoke A-line bridal gowns. If you order one of them, a solemn day such as wedding will certainly be wonderful and bright.


Lace is one of the finest, most fabulous and exquisite fabrics where the threads are interwoven in intricate patterns. That is why a lace wedding dress design is very popular among the brides. The backless dresses are now becoming classics in wedding fashion. Only the boldest women with good taste choose such dresses. Undoubtedly, a lace backless wedding dress radiates sophistication and chic. It looks absolutely mind-blowing, very elegant, and daring at the same time. On the one hand, this dress gives a sense of haughtiness and strictness; while on the other hand, it is an embodiment of mystery and controversial sexuality. The bride in a lace backless wedding dress compels the attention of all people. Which bride does not dream to shine on her wedding? These wedding dresses fit the girls with slender figures most of all. However, the brides with ample curves can also afford an open back. A backless dress does not only emphasise beautiful back curve of the bride but also shows her winsomeness and attracts the attention to details.

There is a wide variety of lace backless wedding dress offerings. Back cutout may be deep, down to the waistline, or reach the shoulder blades. Decoration variations are also diverse. In our bridal boutique, we try to pick up an own open back option for each bride. Since backless dresses cannot be universal, each dress is sewn individually. Try to order a wedding dress with an open back well prior to the wedding date because such a dress style requires detailed elaboration and does not tolerate rush. Our professional designer can draw a sketch of the unique back just for you and therefore create a perfect custom lace backless wedding dress. Moreover, in this exclusive new wedding dress, you will certainly look like a fantastic fairy.


Lace wedding dress with sleeves

Wearing lace is an art which has always been a prerogative of grand ladies. Without any doubts, wedding is the best reason to feel like a queen in a head-spinning lace wedding dress. However, a lace wedding dress with sleeves embodies special chic and elegant modesty. These wedding dresses help in creating an aristocratic and noble but at the same time sensual and sophisticated bridal look. There are a countless number of sleeve variations for wedding dresses, and all of them can be represented in lace. Cap sleeves, balloon sleeves, raglan sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves… When choosing a sleeve design, each bride is guided by her sense of style, intuition, and recommendations of the professionals.

Long sleeves emphasise the bride’s chastity and modesty. Previously, long­-sleeved lace bridal gowns were widely used only in the cold season. However, now the brides wear these dresses even in the hot weather. Also, such a lace wedding dress with sleeves is ideal for the church wedding. Three-quarter length sleeves also have a terrific look. This sleeve type makes the bridal look expressively feminine. Lace petal sleeves are perfect for summer celebrations and can hide excessive shoulder fullness.

There are a great many of options when it comes to a lace wedding dress with sleeves. All you need to do is to choose what is right for you in our wedding salon. If you want to look refined and stunning, a bespoke lace wedding dress with sleeves will be an indicator of your good taste and at the same time emphasise your unparalleled beauty. Be sure that in our relaxed, quiet atmosphere, you can choose a magnificent new wedding dress at very affordable price.


Any girl in a lace bridal gown is amazingly beautiful and graceful. A lace wedding dress is a choice for those representatives of the fair sex who got used to being the centre of attention and do not feel embarrassed because of the rapturous glances. Indeed, a lace strapless wedding dress can create a little bit provocative, but at the same time romantic bridal look. Today, a strapless dress is an undisputed leader among the other dress styles since the modern brides often choose such a dress for the most important moment in their lives. The strapless bridal outfits fully open the chest, shoulders, and neck. They look very effectively. Moreover, a lace strapless wedding dress can give any girl an extraordinary tenderness and fetching sophistication. Besides, in a strapless dress, a bride can gently show off her collarbone and boast of the beauty of her incredible arms.

Each girl will benefit wearing a strapless lace bridal gown. Thus, such a dress will accentuate a stunning waist of a slender girl and beautiful breasts and shoulders of a plump girl. Besides, the bodice of the modern lace strapless wedding dress excellently harmonises with different kinds of skirts, from a flowing skirt with a long train to a fluffy skirt shortened in the front.

Are you looking for a lace wedding dress from the bridal collections of famous designers or aspire to buy a custom bridal gown which will completely meet all your wishes and requirements? Then you definitely came to the right place. Here you can order a fabulous made to measure lace strapless wedding dress at best price in London and its surroundings. At the Ingrida bridal salon, we will do our best to reveal your natural beauty and make you a goddess worthy of Olympus.

Lace strapless wedding dress


Lace ball gown wedding dress

To create a classic bridal look is necessary to consider only one rule. A wedding dress should be puffy. Moreover, a lace ball gown wedding dress cannot be left unattended despite the fact that so many other trends develop on the fashion scene. A ball gown consists of a fluffy skirt and a tightly fitted corset. This dress ideally highlights femininity and romantic appeal of the silhouette.

If since the childhood bride dreamed of the dress of the princess, a lace ball gown wedding dress is designed exactly for her. This bridal outfit will enchant all the guests. So at the wedding ball, the bride will be the most beautiful woman. Indeed, the girl who wants to add solemnity and sense of fabulousness to her bridal look should pick a lace ball gown wedding dress. Also, a puffy dress with a corset allows making waistline slimmer and more delicate and hiding minor flaws of the figure. A lace ball gown wedding dress can correct the proportions of the figure helping the woman create an hourglass silhouette. Lightweight, airy lace is unique. Lace fabric bares skin and at the same time hides it modestly.

It is very easy to find the best lace wedding dress options in London if you visit the Ingrida bridal boutique. We represent the most elegant lace dresses among which you will certainly notice and buy the dress of your dream. Our wedding boutique offers not only a huge and diverse selection of luxurious bespoke new wedding dresses but also a cosy atmosphere in which our highly devoted personnel and professional designers will help you get ready for your wedding day. Undoubtedly, our bridal salon will embody all your ideas concerning your wedding dress. Also, no matter how big your budget is. We guarantee that we will make you a real queen on your celebration.