Wedding ceremonies, gala balls, formal receptions and other social evening functions always require an appropriate dress code. It has to be solemn, luxurious and tasteful all at the same time. On occasions like these, an impressive evening dress will definitely be the right choice. It can instantly turn any lady into the queen of the ball by dazzling everyone with her unique charm. Saturated with timeless elegance and exquisite color and texture combinations, the majestic evening gowns by Ingrida Bridal have always been a true definition of modern glamour. The wide variety of dress silhouettes and original design solutions are the key to finding something desirable for every taste and making the overall look extra special and unforgettable.


Just like a wedding dress, each evening gown as well can become unique when adjusted to our client’s body shape and individual sense of style. From the colour of fabric and most favourite silhouette to the finest detailing, Ingrida Bridal boutique team skilfully implement even the most daring style ideas. During a one-to-one consultation with the brand’s designer the vision of the perfect wedding dress can be realized from sketch. This interactive approach allows experimenting not only with the evening dress cut and length, but also with its colour scheme and various decorative details such as lace appliques, pear beads, belts and other matching style elements. The custom-made evening gown is created very soon after agreeing on the most suitable deadline and budget terms. All additional client’s wishes that often occur within the creation process are also taken into consideration to make the most beautiful evening dress possible. One of the main advantages of all made-to-measure gowns is that their individual design guarantees that the lucky owner will look truly impeccable in it. With the help of the right cut, fabric and colour combination any seeming flaws and imperfections can be disguised in no time accentuating the distinctive appeal of a female figure. Besides, in order retain a harmoniously matching image, each evening dress can be easily combined with matching accessories. Delicate hand-made gloves and elegant bolero jackets splendidly perfect any image regardless of the current season.


When receiving an invitation to a formal gathering, choosing proper evening attire might get a bit confusing at times. In order to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere and show respect to the event’s hosts, it is crucially important to follow the specific dress code. One of the possible formal wear options can rather often be the “white tie”, also known as full evening dress. It is the most formal dress code that belongs to fancy balls and official receptions meaning that ladies are expected to wear exquisite full-length evening gowns or ball dresses. Their arms are mostly bare, and decollotage can be slightly exposed, therefore the evening dress is usually adorned with opera length gloves or a light scarf for a more balansed finish. The next most common evening celebration dress code is the “black tie”. It stands for a semi-formal attire that anticipates a strapless floor-length evening dress as the ideal outfit. This occassion also allows to pair the dress with elegant accessories such as a shoulder scarf, fine jewellery or long gloves. During the past few years “creative black tie” has also become a very popular and fun dress code that agrees with steping away from the strict rules of formal etiquette and getting a lot more creative. It encourages to stand out from the crowd with impressive details, unusual fabrics and unique silhouettes thus emphasizing each guests individual sense of style and even incorporating some on the latest fashion trends.