Ingrida Bridal is a London based premium bridal wear brand offering a wide selection of wedding dress styles from collections by the designer Ingrida Vaivade.
The brand was launched in 2000 and since then has earned the trust of many amazing, inspiring and very different women to make their wedding day even more special.
Ingrida Bridal is known by its unique style, hand­made lace detailing and love for exceptional quality in every aspect of wedding dresses. The elegance in every design comes from knowledge and experience allowing to blend modern wedding dress silhouettes and natural fabrics in playful, sensitive and timeless works of art.
The designer’s creative vision and passion for finding innovative solutions create inspiring bridal collections.        The bespoke service allows to fulfil the idea that every wedding dress should be made to complement the individuality of the bride.
Collections of wedding dresses are presented both in national and international bridal fashion shows, as well as in events, TV shows and magazines.

  “Each woman is a person with her own character, and I am certain that the bride will be the most beautiful in a dress that primarily conforms with her character. The bride usually feels comfortable in such dress – the dress and bride supplements one another.”
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